tisdag 26 januari 2010

AC/DC - 3 juni på Stadion - I'll be there!

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  1. Back in Black fyller 30 och rykten säger att de kommer framföra hela plattan under sommarens Download Festiavl. Kan ju även hända i Stokholm.

  2. Det vore jävligt coolt!

  3. Jag ska dit och min far också. Så vilka mer ska dit? /färne

  4. Really? Dom som är så anti när det gäller sånt där. Vill hellre höra en greatest hits men gärna mer blandat än setlistan de haft senaste året. Mer från Powerage! Men jag ska int dit så jag bör hålla käften.

    Ville droppa detta till nördarna. Har gått omkring och tänkt på detta ett par dagar och varit glad.

    Skolnick från Testament skriver om James.

    "To me, a virtuoso is someone who achieves two things. The first is that they create good music (something which is in itself completely subjective). The second, (and this is important), is that they are able to execute it flawlessly. There is no truer test for this than a live concert.

    When I saw Metallica last February at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, it was a great concert largely because of James. It's not that I didn't enjoy the other guys performances. They were all great and the music wouldn't have been the same without them. But only James was flawless.

    I'm speaking mainly about his guitar playing, since vocals are too subjective for this discussion. His rhythm playing, slow melodic solos and acoustic playing, which had a couple pretty cool licks thrown in, was perfectly executed. It showed a strong sense of timing, technique, dynamics, feel and dare I say it, virtuosity.

    Where do I get off making this judgement? If I may be so bold, I think its safe to say I've acquired a developed sense of hearing. It's been very much helped by jazz studies at the New School. Some of the teachers there were great pianists like Richie Beirach and Gerard D'Angelo who would drill me with these 'ear training' techniques, such as being able to pick out triads, chords and intervals instantly. I've also spent countless hours in the recording studio which acts as an audio microscope and heightens ones standards of listening.

    I'm not saying any of this makes me 'special,' only that like the many other music professionals out there with similar training and hands on experience, I have an ear for the slightest glitches and discrepancies. And I'm telling you, James Hetfield is a the real deal, the type of artist that a producer looks for in a band, the guy who is able to deliver effortlessly, on the spot and with consistency. I've talked to many others I respect, engineers, producers and musicians of all genres, and they agree.

    So when I said James is a 'virtuoso' it was not from the perspective of a 'fan boy,' or to be an 'ass kisser' (as a couple nitwits have indicated), just an honest opinion from a music professional.

    Recently a writer from The Quietus, Mark Eglinton, asked for my thoughts on Metallica's James Hetfield. While it's no secret that the fans, myself included, haven't always agreed with every decision Metallica has made as a band, I've chosen to look at a subject which seems to have gotten lost in the chaos of Metallica's superstardom: James, the musician.

    James Hetfield is a an unsung virtuoso. His guitar and vocal sound, along with his song ideas, has enabled Metallica to go from being classified alongside Motorhead and Venom to being aligned with Bruce Springsteen and U2. Much of hard music today has been changed by his guitar tone, rhythm playing and vocal technique, making him arguably the most influential musician of his generation.

    James has had more of an influence than most 'lead' guitarists and is a great lead guitarist himself. His occasional solos are among Metallica's most memorable, proving that speed and chops are secondary to melody.
    He also a terrific acoustic guitarist, playing intricate parts with a lot of depth, consistency and dynamics.

    I'm convinced that had he chosen to play drums, bass or lead guitar in his band, James Hetfield would have been just as influential and virtuosic."



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