söndag 18 september 2011

Mick Wall om Lulu

Ett 30 sekunder långt klipp från Lulu är ju egentligen bara jävligt. Jag vill ha mer, veta mer, höra mer. Jag har googlat runt och det verkar som att veteranen och rockjournalisten Mick Wall har fått höra plattan. Så här skriver han 13 september på sin blogg:

To London today to hear the new Loutallica album. Would love to tell you all about it except I was held down and forced - forced! - to sign a bit of paper which stated I would be shot at dawn by a row of Axl Rose lookalikes if I so much as breathed a word about the damn thing before everybody else gets their say sometime in early October. Sorry.

However, I will say this. I absolutely loved it. To death. And back. Made other recent collaborations - Plant and Krauss, Them Crooked Vultures, etc - sound like the warm glass of mother's milk they really were, and, hey, I liked those too.

Och fortsätter med följande 4 september:

Meanwhile, can't get that Loutallica album out of my head. Of course, I've forgotten so many parts of it but then there are so many parts to remember. I don't know what you will call it one day but right now I call it high art. High. Art. Woo yeah...

High art. Ja, jag blev ännu mer nyfiken nu. Snart bara en månad kvar.

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