söndag 11 december 2011

Metallica - Rebel of Babylon – Ny låt!

Fyra spelningar, fyra nya låtar. Rebel of Babylon har man hört minst av förut men jag gillar den mest av alla. Just nu iaf. Hoppas att de släpper alla fyra låtarna i någon form av fysisk utgåva också. Jag vill nämligen ha all Metallica-musik i fysisk form. ’Tallica!

"Hey Clubber:

This is it... our anniversary week has come to a close and what a week it has been!! Thanks to all of you who visited us in San Francisco to celebrate 30 years of 'Tallica! Those astute observers in the crowd have by now figured out that we're back tonight to tell you that on our fourth night we also added an unreleased song from the "Death Magnetic" sessions... we had to complete the set! Tonight's song was 'Rebel Of Babylon,' and once again, since all of you couldn't be there to share the love with us, we're making the song available to every one of our Met Club friends.

To grab your mp3 of 'Rebel Of Babylon' go here and use the code at the bottom of this e-mail to redeem your free download. It's our final anniversary gift to YOU!

We've had an amazing week and hope that you had a rockin' time too. We're psyched to be sharing these songs with you nearly four years after they were recorded and if you've been playing along this week, you know that they are the original rough mixes from March of 2008.

Thanks again for celebrating with us and we can't wait to see you all again!

See you on the road next year!"

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